Divine Comedy, Unreal Engine 4 game demo. Created for a class in under 3 weeks. Concept art, props, gun, animation and level design by me. Also the pick up blueprints and collisions were also done by me. Environment props were textured by Khulamuzi Hlabangana.

The game is inspired by the Latin poem anthology "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. The character, Luccia, is an angel that accidentally drops a box of halos into a portal to Hell. Anxious that she might lose her wings, she steals the Divine Arm Canon and dives through the Circles of Hell to retrieve the Halos before the Archangels notice.
Low Poly environment assets for UE4 project "Divine Comedy". Rendered using Mental Ray with Maya default marial. Partially inspired by Ancient Greek architecture.
Character concept art for Divine Comedy, showcasing the Divine Arm Canon
Divine Arm Canon - Modeled and animated for firing in Maya. Textured in 3D Coat
Low poly hypospray potions and ampules for UE4 project. Created in Maya and texured in Substance painter. Rendered using MentalRay. Stamina, Health and Energy respectively. The ampules can be inserted into the hyposprays to rejuvinate the character.
Low poly pipes for UE4 project. Rendered using MentalRay and Maya Blinn material. The pipes were created as environment assets and are all modular and tileable.
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